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Patrick Domingues

What does it take?

Patrick Domingues has 15+ years of experience in providing IT Services and is an Healthcare IT Cyber Security Expert. He has worked for many managed IT service providers for most of the IT career. He advises and leads business into technological harmony, project management and deployments. Patrick is a healthcare IT certified professional and is an expert in HIPAA Compliance regulations and audits. Patrick is also a recent published book author of Healthcare Email Dangers.

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    Consulting & Strategic Planning, vCIO Services & Project Management.

    I believe that every business deserves to have a CIO on their side. We work with organizations of all sizes to chart an effective, affordable IT strategy that is aligned with business goals.

    Strategic Alignment

    I help ensure your IT serves your business as an asset, not a hassle or liability.

    Technology Investment Review

    We'll provide an objective assessment on the value of your hardware, software and cloud investments.

    Strategic Project Planning

    I will plan our work to lessen the impact on yours. Convenient after-hours updates and implementations keep your team productive when it matters most.

    Network Planning

    Don't do it alone. I can map out a documented plan for where to direct your technology investments an when to make them.

    Disaster Preparation

    Proactive planning and 24/7 monitoring give you peace of mind that mission-critical data is protected and ready for any unexpected event.

    Collaborative Advisement

    I speak your language. Our collaborative approach is about doing what's best for your unique business needs.

    IT Budgeting

    Keep costs under control while getting the most out of your technology. I'll plan your IT spending to align with your strategy and your budget.

    IT Personnel Screening

    I know what works in IT. Trust me to pick the best personnel fit for your IT.

    Strategic Operations

    Ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency with strategic IT upgrades planned and implemented.

    Take A Look Into My Book

    • Learn 7 Common Email Scams And Hacks. Way far too many businesses, email security isn’t an issue… until it suddenly is.
    • Learn The 9 Layers Of Cyber Security. If every business used every possible layer of email security, they’d reduce their chances of being hacked down to just 2%.
    • Gain A Relationship With The Author. Feel free to utilize Patrick Domingues as a Healthcare IT advisor for your healthcare business.